3 Ways to Tell You Purchased the Wrong Furnace

Okay, so you surely don’t want to get cold in the winter the reason why you just recently purchased a brand new furnace in preparatory of the cold season to come, because furnace cleaning by professionals is no longer keeping the old one in service. It is good that you are planning ahead, but did you purchased the right furnace to keep your house warn during the winter? You might end up calling a furnace cleaning or repair expert again because the brand new furnace you bought just failed just before the winter comes. Here are 5 ways to tell you purchased the wrong furnace this early.

Split or package

As you may have already known, there are two ways a central heating and cooling system can be put in place; the split way and the packaged way. Both provide the same heating and cooling capabilities, so choosing one from the other can be quite confusing.

Here is where you could go wrong in this. A split system is ideal for those with extra spaces in the house, like basements, while the packaged system is ideal for the opposite – those with no extra space to put up a split system.

So, have you purchased a split system when you know your house can’t really effectively handle it? Or, have you purchased a packaged system when a split system is more idea for the way your house is built?

The Duct Cleaning Methods that Actually Works

If you are like one of the many home owners who are thinking about having HVAC air ducts expertly cleaned by an air duct cleaning company, before you even proceed to doing it, there are types of air duct cleaning procedures that you can do on your own in order to cut down the cost of engaging an expert cleaner so to enjoy a cleaner and a lot more helpful air flow in your dwelling place.

Be subject to the tools you might already have, and the methodologies you know to get into the ducts, the procedures for duct cleaning are going to differ from house to house. Granted, each of these will help free the dirt and empty dust elements, and may be the same procedure needed to eliminate unsightly mold buildup if it is already consuming and contaminating the air ducts around.